About Us

Hey! We’re (KB)^2

I’m Krista Bendy. Half of the KB squared duo. Originally from the metro DC area, moved to Charlotte, NC at 22 years old for a fresh start. It’s been almost 10 years, and while things have changed A LOT, they’ve also gotten calmer. My goal for this blog is to test and share new ideas about cooking, baking, yoga, crochet, and maybe a few travel adventures. I can’t promise there won’t be a sappy post or two along the way.

And I’m Karen Busy, aka K. Bendy’s partner in crime. We became friends when she stumbled into my salon looking for a hairstylist with a vision. Just kidding, she was randomly placed with me and took a chance on a new stylist that led to a long-term, ever growing friendship. Here we are a few years later and many adventures conquered.
For me, this blog is a place to share my life experiences. I have a whole lotta fun planned including: travel, recipes to try, workouts to attempt, and some otherwise awkward lady-oriented beauty experiments to share.

Hope we can learn from each other and our (KB)^2 experiences entertain at the least.

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