Rosé All Day!

It’s officially summer which means it’s time for tan lines, barbecues, street fairs and fireworks. Summer also stirs up a crazy itch in me to do something nutty and funky to my hair. So, I had my hair colored PINK (pastel pink to be more accurate)! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been anything but a mostly-natural-dark-blonde-blah and as a professional stylist, that’s just ridiculous.

Recently a coworker of mine gave me a full head of highlights so I’d be light enough for a pale pink to show. And after attempting to color my hair with two different direct dyes (pretty much a colored conditioner), each fading quickly, I decided to go for a permanent product this time.

K. Bendy and I were already planning a little girls night at my house when I dropped the bomb that I wanted her to color my hair. And as a true friend, she rolled up her sleeves and slapped on my fancy pink home cleaning gloves. We used a Schwarzkopf permanent color called Pastel Candy with 7% Developer (the instructions call for a 10% volume developer but we didn’t use that, cuzzz that’s all I had at home).

A little nervous at first, K. Bendy ended up being a natural. She sectioned my hair into four quadrants and worked from back to front so my color would be darker away from my face. Once my hair was fully saturated, I processed for thirty minutes. Best part about doing a little kitchen hair is K. Bendy and I got to sit on comfy chairs in my sun-room and watch TV while we waited.

Finally, it was time to shampoo and blow dry, then reveal the new do. It turned out to be a dusty, lilac, rosy, pale pink and I’m OBSESSED. I felt like a fairy who would ride around on unicorns with sparkles and pixie dust following me. The color was a perfect mix of funk while being pretty and soft. Ever since doing this, I’ve gotten compliments from young to old and well, compliments are my favorite. Now the challenge is to see how long this holds up to my daily shampoos…. sort of hoping forever-ever.

~K. Busy


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